Resistances Band Heater

Flexible heaters Slimline

Resistances made with circuits on printed media as insulating rubber, Silicone, fiberglass, PTFE, small, etc..

They can be manufactured with an adhesive layer to facilitate mounting.

On request I could attach a Thermostat for temperature control.

Maximum operating temperatures vary depending on the insulators, when used. ( -60ºC + 600ºC)

Flexible heating elements

Excellent system for the heating drums, melting solid, heating liquids and low temperature protection drum (up to 200 liters).

It is a band heater con o sin adjustable thermostat, enabling smooth heating surface to avoid damage to temperature sensitive products.

Designed to attach to standard drums 200 liters (otro to the type of metal deposits), It is built on the basis ofReinforced silicone fiberglass, especially suited to extreme temperatures, moisture, etching, etc.. It has a metal screen connected to ground conductor and electrical protection.