A young but experienced team of engineers and sales technicians takes charge of designing, manufacturing, commissioning and maintaining electric heating systems designed for any industrial process requiring safe, reliable heating. .
Our engineers are ready to listen to your needs and turn your problem into an opportunity for collaboration.
The production processes Santi Escoin Homs, cover, everything from the selection of raw materials, to the completion of the electronic monitoring panels, to the completion of the electronic monitoring panels, laminating, firing and assembly of metal-clad electric heating elements.. They focus on developing small, very high quality, series with the aim of offering components designed with the right electrical charge for each application, ensuring great precision in heating solids, liquids or gases, very high levels of reliability and a long life..

More than 60 years of experience and proven success, is available to you to study your case and offer you the most appropriate, reliable, safe solution, with long life, and high levels of energy efficiency.

Applications: our heat solutions, custom-developed for each customer, have won great prestige in applications as diverse as combined cycle power stations, thermal solar power stations,, desalination plants, treatment plants, petrochemicals, refineries, the shipbuilding and railway sectors (heating/air conditioning for ships and trains, heating water for washing on ships), etc..


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