Self regulating heating elements – PTC

The heating elements PTC son pequeñas piedras de cerámica con características de autolimitación de la temperatura. Las piedras del PTC tienen tiempos rápidos de reacción sobre la potencia de calefacción una vez alcanzada la temperatura predefinida de referencia. La forma de estas piedras puede ser cuadrada, rectangular, Round, ring of the toroidal. <br>, <br>, <br>.
This increase of ohmic resistance value can be experienced on a Rank temperature of a few degrees centigrade. Esta cualidad de las PTC gives rise to a heating element that is self-regulating at a preset temperature and to automatically vary the power to maintain that temperature. Thus, greater Degree Heatsink (upon cooling) will lead to a higher power.
Los Materials used are doped polycrystalline ceramics based on barium titanate. Once formed ceramic body processes including mixed, ground, drying and sintering, The metallized contacts are applied to the surface to facilitate electrical connection.

Features and Benefits of the resistors PTC

• Security through temperature limiting characteristics.
• Dynamics, autorregulantes, and therefore Efficiency energy
• Any Voltage from 12 V hasta 240 V; special voltages up 800 V
• Voltajes dual 12-24 V, 100-240 V
• The surface temperature PTC can be set from 40 °C a 280 °C
• Tolerances in temperature of ± 5 ° C
• Compact design
• High power density
• Long life
• Certified by UL, CSA and VDE • Custom configurations: dimensions, temperature, Voltage, power.