Design team

The experience that gives us more than 75 years manufacturing heating elements has taught us that there are systems that do not work because the heating elements do not provide adequate heat, dysregulation exists or does not exist, the materials used are not the most suitable with the consequent risk of malfunction of element, etc.. At the other end did not encounter more than oversized systems and their consequences: required more energy expenditure, too inertial systems, etc.. All these points just translating from a cost increase in its production system to manufacture even stops.
In Santi Escoin, S.A. know that the manufacturer-client communication is a key point to meet the needs in terms of operation, Quality and price. Thus, our team of Commercial Technicians, in unison with the client, be aware, occurs and the decision of how to attack and solve the “issue”. Team also maintains bilateral trade technical communication Technical Office and R & D optimizing the final product.
We are aware that there is not always Universal Solution, but Santi Escoin, S.A. customer service is the first; thus, our technical office has great Flexibility products in Series, and while we can not adapt to the requirements, our R & D develops and designs the product that best suits your needs.
Continuous market surveys and continuous development of new products and processes (Know-How) ensure that our team stays current on new technologies to transmit and translate them into the products we offer.