Santi Escoin secured in Process manufacturing of heating elements maintain design standards applied. For our standard products, The following checks are performed among others systematic.

Class I elements

  • Power: +5 -10%
  • Dielectric strength: 1250 V 1 min
  • Leakage currents: 0’75 mA/kW (max 5 mA)
  • Dimensions: General according IT15
Class II elements

Power: +5 -10%

  • Dielectric strength: 500 V – 1 min in the case of a Main insulation under normal use at very low safety voltage
    1000 V – 1 min for any other Main insulation 2750 V – 1 min for Supplementary insulation 3750 V – 1 min for Reinforced insulation
  • Leakage currents: 0’25 mA
  • Dimensions: General according IT15
In Special designs are customized from design control parameters according to the needs of each uso.En the application of these chapters, standard measures which requests are made at operating temperature. Santi Escoin takes measures to the maximum allowable temperature of each product. It should be noted that if a sufficient removal of heat from the resistor is performed, it may exceed the maximum temperature and melt or deteriorate. To ensure that the element, once mounted on the final unit continues to meet EC, it is sufficient to measure the temperatures of the sheath and the Sealed in all conditions likely to occur in the apparatus, both in normal use and overuse or abnormal use, and verify that they are within the limits of use of the product. In particular it can be critical that the possibility of functioning without a product to be heated, such as air or airless without being submerged in water, depending on the application. If necessary steps should be taken to prevent the heater operates in such unusual circumstances and inform the user of the precautions to take.