Electric infrared heaters

Instant heat … As long as needed

With heaters Infrared IC heat can be addressed directly where it is needed.

The IC heaters do not heat the air but through it and heats only the necessary areas, functioning similarly to the sun does. The immediacy of the heat eliminates preheating costs, resulting in substantial savings to users.

To optimize the radiators Infrared IC, we developed the patented parabolic reflector, unique in the market. These reflectors are the result of extensive research to create a powerful source of heat evenly and directional. Thanks to these characteristics, IC heating line is one of the most efficient, powerful and energy efficient market.

Also, station lamp has a special anti-glare screen and emits a soft effect “sunset” which creates a pleasant ambient atmosphere.

Use emitters where IC

The IC issuers provide warmth to any area, can also be used in any type of building or environment where conventional heating systems can not be used because they involve either be excessive costs or other difficulties of installation.
Ideal for zonal heating (Exterior and interior heating):

• Households, houses
• Interior and exterior work areas, garages
• Terraces, outdoor spaces
• Under umbrellas, viewpoints
• Restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars
• Showrooms

• SAVINGS: Immediate, located, Adjustable Heat
• CLEAN ENERGY AND SILENT: Ecological, rays as the beneficial Infrared sun: quiet and clean
• LARGE HEATED AREA: Wide angle of radiation and emission of uniform
Flexibility: Modular and portable system
• EASY INSTALLATION: Only an electric cable
• MAINTENANCE FREE: Long lasting lamp IC
• EXCLUSIVE DESIGN: Suitable for all environments and furnishings